realizing your innovation.

That’s the spirit!

Lucassen Groep will manufacture and assemble your innovative ideas enthusiastically and precisely, right down to the micro level. We’ll pull out all the stops: there’s no such thing as ‘impossible’.

We love getting our teeth into the most complex challenges. That is why we invest in having the latest technology in our equipment and software, in cleanrooms and (of course) in the knowledge and know-how of our motivated team. Constantly.

High-tech people for high-tech markets. Our components provide important solutions in the most advanced devices, for instance such as the chip and automotive industries, healthcare and aerospace.

Our strong points are:

Precision Machining

producing finely machined parts that meet the highest cleanliness requirements in a wide range of materials.

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Cleanroom Assembly

Assembly under the strictest clean conditions


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Make the difference

How cool is it if you make a miniscule component for a measuring instrument that will be sent into space? It may hardly be visible with the naked eye, but it will have a serious impact! Cases like that can become a world news.

We compare our work to playing in the Champions League, which demands a great deal from all of us, of course. If you like thinking up solutions for customers with extremely specific challenges, let your enthusiasm surprise us.

realizing your innovation